Ariel is a semi-edgy, hipster type with a nerdy undertone. The roles she is known to play include singer in a rock band, computer hacker, forensic scientist, bartender, hitman, and the random vampire.

Originally from Philadelphia PA, Ariel has been performing on stage all her life. Ranging from the opera "Carman" to "Cats" to "Macbeth". As well as performing with the Atlantic City Ballet for six years as a soloist. And in 2014 she made the transition to film and television. And now works as an action actor.

 Recently performed in NYC in the Off-Broadway production of "La Maupin", playing the starring role of the historical swordswoman and opera singer, Julie d'Aubigny. For her portrayal of this amazing woman, Ariel has just received the award for "Outstanding Leading Performance".

    Ariel is currently in rehearsals for a new one-act show performing in LA as well as a three short films. More info and release dates to follow.